Training: Technical Report Writing

Tuesday 1st May & Thursday 3rd May
Thursday 9th August & Tuesday 14th August
Monday 12th November & Wednesday 14th November
Also Available On Your Request

Two day course.

It does not matter where you work, eventually you will be required to write a technical report or business document. Technical reports, proposals, certificates of quality, test methods, working instructions, safe working practices, and so on are all considered technical documents and are a fundamental requirement of a company.
The purpose of this course is to provide you with the basic information you need, so that you can develop your own style when writing technical documentation. The secret to writing good technical documentation is to prepare and present it in such a way that it is easy to read and follow. Remember, you are writing the document to communicate to someone else, whether they are internal or external to your company.
Have you ever thought about the cost of writing a report? When viewed realistically, writing documentation is an expensive process. You cannot afford to do it poorly when you look at the costs involved.
Scientists, as a general rule, do not meet the psychology profile of the creative/artistic type person who flourishes when writing. Give the scientist facts and figures, but do not ask them to write about them. The problem is, people do have to write about their results. Though they may not like it, it has to be done.
Why do technical people find it difficult to write reports? They have been well educated and a lot have spent six or seven years at university. Generally, you could say that there is a certain level of intelligence involved - so why does it not show when a report has to be written.
Is it a problem that exists where it just appears as though we are unable to write clearly. Has the education system been lacking? Was there sufficient importance placed upon presenting reports at school or university?

Course Outline:
What is a Technical Report?
Reviewing Basic Writing Skills.
Enhancing Your Report.
Report Writing Strategies.
Scientific Reports.
One Page Reports.
Analytical Test Reports and Certificates of Quality.
Test Method Writing.
Summaries of Working.
Instructions, Procedures, etc.
Customer Complaints.

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